Things I have learned taking the social network for journalist’s class.

It was a very productive semester. We did discuss a lot: Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Blogging, Facebook business pages and Journalism.  Even though I’m a journalist, I didn’t have the habit to use Twitter or LinkedIn for work. I had a blog and facebook but used them just for fun and personal reasons. I didn’t use it for job. I also have to confess I don’t post articles that as often I should. Let’s list 10 things I have learned taking this class and why it was important.

01 – I learned how to make a Twitter account and what a Tweet is (a 140 character message). It was very important, because before this class, I knew Twitter existed, but I didn’t have the initiative for creating an account.

(Click on the graphic and it will get bigger – The Twitter instant speed meter).

02 – I learned how to use hash tags and using @ before people’s name. These are very important tools, because you can send messages to a person or specific group of people.

03 – I learned how to shorten a URL address. (, This was very useful, because when we have only 140 characters, we must optimize the information, leaving space for more thoughts; I found it really helpful.

04 – About blogging, I learned that it is important to post new articles often and also to give people feedback when they comment.

05 – I learned how to create a LinkedIn account. I had never used the site before, and it was very new to me. On LinkedIn, an important thing I have learned was how to use the  Answers tool; it was very informative getting responses from people who were on my profile.

06 – Also, on LinkedIn, I learned how to join groups; it’s a tool that can be very helpful. I learned a lot just being a member of a few groups. I receive emails telling what topics are in discussion.

07 – Very importantly, I learned what curation is. (To read about it, here is a link from my blog ). As a journalist, in my mind I knew how to write in that way, but I didn’t know I was conducting curation while doing so.

08 – I learned that Twitter and Facebook are important tools for breaking news. For example, I can say “Bin Laden is dead”.  It was very impressive how information spread quickly. I find deep thoughts to be critical. Generally, however, information on these sites tends to be superficial.

09 – How journalists can use social media. As I said at the beginning, even though I knew about social media, I didn’t use it all that much. After taking this class, I learned a lot about doing so, and I hope I can continue use all I have learned.

10 – Last, but not least,: I learned how to build a Facebook page and how it is an important instrument for journalists. It’s important because writers can use that page for professional purposes, and this doesn’t mix postings with the personal page. Also, it’s significant because, like other forms of social media, one can post information, pictures and videos in a timely manner. In addition, people can post comments, and we can give them feedback in a real time. (Good article about Facebook Pages – Vadim Lavrusik: How journalists can make use of Facebook Pages –)

When I started this class, I wasn’t sure about the use of social media for journalists. Of course, I knew social media was a very important tool for the journalist, but I still believed that a journalist could survive without those tools. Now, after one semester, I would say I have changed my mind. Even though we (and I say we, because I’m a member of the journalism profession) may not use it in our everyday jobs, it is a very important tool. While I still don’t believe I can find a job using LinkedIn, it seems to be a good tool for the work environment. I’m not saying it isn’t helpful for some people in finding a job, as that was an answer I found as being part of a journalism group. Journalists there say we can find paying opportunities, but most of the time we have to work for free. I think the future of the journalist is directly connected with social media.

I do think social media will be interconnected. People will continue post on their blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter. In time, all will be connected.

I’m not yet sure how this course will impact my personal future. I’m sure I learned much, and I do now feel the need to be more disciplined and check social media sites more often. Things like waking up and checking the news on Twitter, writing more often to my blog, checking the possibilities on LinkedIn, taking care of my Facebook business page, etc. I’m sure these are things I still need to work on, and improving myself in doing so. I need to use all these tools together.

New, higher price for LinkedIn IPO a sign of investor fervor. – article from Mercury – Silicon Valley. 05/18/2011


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I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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  1. “…but use them…
    “…When I started that class…”

    *used, *this – . Sorry, Mariana.

  2. marianabra7 says:

    Thank you again!!! 🙂
    “…but use them…
    “…When I started that class…”

    *used, *this
    I correct them.

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