Facebook – how do I use it!

I signed up my account on Facebook in 2006 because I’m an international student and that was my way to be in touch with so many students I met here while I was studying.  Also, I love pictures, and many times my friends took pictures and I wanted them, and that time they said, “go to my Facebook, I posted all pictures there and you can copy them”. Actually that was my first reason to make a Facebook account, to get my friend’s pictures. The second reason was to be in touch with them. Almost all my friends from that time went back to their countries and Facebook is / was a perfect way to be in touch with them, better that send an email. I do send an email sometimes, when I have to write a lot, but I still use Facebook more to be in touch with them. Sometimes, when I want to write a lot, I do use message from Facebook for long messages. I don’t like to write in people’s wall. I think it doesn’t have privacy. When I use that tool is for something irrelevant and many times I do delete them after few days.

Most of people I know use Facebook to “spy” what their friends are doing. I don’t do that! I don’t have time for that! I don’t have the habit to go on line and check anything, postings, photos, I do go to my page only when I have to post something or reply someone. Few times I did even missed an event because I wasn’t invited by Facebook and I don’t check it often. I signed up my blackberry phone to receive messages from my Facebook account, but for some reason I don’t receive everything. Sometimes I receive messages to remind me people’s birthdays and I do send a message to them. Most of the time, I do reply by my phone things I receive from my Facebook, like birthday’s remind, messages, posts or pictures people send to me. Basically I use Facebook to be in touch with my friends and family, get pictures and reply their messages by my phone, when I get them.

Like a year ago, I created a blog and I used to post on my Facebook my articles. Not many people used to read them, I guess, because I didn’t write many times a week, it wasn’t too often. Because my experience wasn’t too much successful, I stop posting my messages about my articles on my blog. Sometimes, when a very important event is coming up, I use Facebook to tell my friends.  Even thought I don’t check my events all the time, I guess it is contradictory I invite people to do things by Facebook, like party or BBQ but when I use that tool I don’t limited it only on Facebook, I do send an email, and many times I call them, specially people I know wont check their Facebook.

Also I used to run a magazine, and that time I used to promote my magazine by Facebook, either on my personal page or magazine page. I stopped doing that almost two months ago because I didn’t have time for it. 24 hours a day wasn’t enough for full time student.

In addition I would say this semester I used more Facebook because my class, Social network for journalist – JOURN 65.


About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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