Are you looking for a designer? I can recommend one for you!

My week assignment was making an interview with someone with a major I would like to be if I wasn’t a journalist. I would like to be many things, I just not sure if I have talent for. I wish I could play an instrument, and I really would love to work with arts. Than I realize that designer is something between my major, journalism and arts. It has a lot of communication but also arts. People who work with design have to be very creative.

Fabio Reis is from Brazil, Sao Paulo. He is an art director with 13 years experience. He has been living in Bay area for while and has a large experience as a designer. I’m glad I had a chance to interview him and discover a little bit more about his professional life. I knew him as a musician, he plays with different bands in Bay area, but until now, I didn’t know much about his work as a designer. And his specialties are Digital designer and interactive media, branding and graphic designer, E-commerce, campaign implementation, integrated communications, account management, cross-channel platform, digital video, sound design and E-Marketing.

1 – Why did you decide to study Hypermedia Design?

“I majored in architecture, but when I finished it, I ended up going working as a designer for an agency called Tesla, working with Internet projects in Brazil (SP). After some years in this market I decided to specialize in digital design. The only graduation in Brazil, that time (2002) regarding to Designer in Brazil was Anhembi Morumbi and the course was titled Hypermedia Design.”

2 – What are the jobs people can do related with that major?

“Design, Games, Animation, Internet Design, 3D … “

3 – Do you think social media helps people to find a job?

“Of course, those days, having your resume on LinkedIn and learn digital tools and website are fundamental keys to be connected to professional life and seek new opportunities.”

4 – How important it is to have a good social network when we need to find a job?

“Having a good social relationship has always been important to get new job opportunities. I believe that today what has changed is that contacts are not just more physical, because we have other channels digital communication and relationships through the Internet.”

5 – What do you do? Can you give me a sample of your work?

“I’m an art director for 13 years. You can check my portfolio on this website:

To find my brief resume, click on ABOUT.”

6 – I love communication and I think if I knew more about Hypermedia design I would have more opportunities as a journalist. Do you agree with me? Which kind of software do you think is good to learn about?

“I believe that journalism with printed paper will never disappear, but with the advent of digital media, it will be absolute necessary for journalists to know how to use digital media: sites, digital references, their mediums (IPAD, IPHONE ..) and some basic software for your profession as a PhotoShop, Office (word very well) and beyond those related websites the profile of work of a journalist.”

7 – I read on your profile that you did study also Architecture and Urbanism. Does Architecture and Urbanism helps you doing your work as a designer?

“Yes, the architecture has helped me in my work as a designer, because my first visual references and stories about art I learned in college while I was studying Architecture. I read it and saw much on esthetic values, visual references, identity visual design, art and history of architecture in the world. Besides we had classes in industrial design and aesthetic design into the course.”

8 – Do you have facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other kind of social media network… Why? For which purpose?

“I have Facebook and LinkedIn. I love Facebook. I use it because I can be connected with my friends in Brazil, even living in the U.S. and have fun when I get notes and interesting links through several of my contacts the world. Twitter I find it boring and without much foundation for me. LinkedIn is an important professional channel relationship for me.”

9 – What are the qualities to make a good Hypermedia Design?

“A good design in hypermedia needs: Good aesthetic references, good usability, Good use of colors in reference to the project, good layout and visual cleanliness. LESS IS MORE. “

10 – Do you have a portfolio in English?


11 – You do also play music. What do you play? When did you start? Why? How do you think music complete your Hypermedia Design major? Do you think music can help you being more creative?

“I play since I was 12 years old, because I was always connected with arts and other things. Have done architecture and then worked as art director for Telsa agency is just one facet of my artistic life, and I used it for my job. Another thing is I really believe that all arts relate to each other. When I see a movie for example, I observe everything related with costumes, the music, colors, rhythm, design, a good photography, and of course, the story. When it comes to design, a good project should have a visual good rhythm and good harmony or we could say that a good music should have a good rhythm and a good study of “sound colors.”



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I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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