Welcome to France! Things are different – let’s learn more about Social Network.

Eric Haehnsen, freelancer, and Editor in Chief at T.C.A. – TechnoChroniqueurs Associés and Owner from Paris, France, surprise me with a new social network, called innov24.com.

Haehnsen said that, in France, many journalists are using since July 2010, innov24.com, and the social media for Journalists and innovations professionals. Innov24 “is a disruptive Social Network in so far as it is “Journalist-centric”. It facilitates Journalists job related to professional communities of Communicators and decision-makers and Journalists manage more efficiently their Topic Process and their investigation Process. Using innov24, journalists publicize their next surveys to targeted Communicators and Decision-makers take part in Journalists’ investigation process and thus considerably expand their media coverage. Communicators facilitate interactions between Journalists and Decision-makers and ass tremendous value to their clients, according to innov24.com.

1 – What is Innov24.com?

“Innov24.com is still an experiment. But 350 Journalists from TV, Radio, General Purpose information Press, Business Press and Web site of information work within innov24.com”.

“Innov24 is not only for journalists. It’s designed by and for journalists and with journalists’ business processes. In order to answer “Who does what? What’s new? What’s going to happen, there are 3 communities: Journalists, Communicators (PR People above all) and Leader (CEOs, Executives, consultants, experts…). 
On innov24, the access to the Calendar of press events is exclusively reserved for Journalists. The module Media Prod is also exclusively at the initiative of journalists. PR People and leader can post releases and press invitations. They may be invited on Journalists’ investigations. So you have specific rights according to your profile”.

2 – Who is using Innov24?

“Not every body use innov24 in France. Innov24 is the social media for Journalists and innovation professionals. There are 37.500 journalists in France. Only 350 are on innov24. Who is Who” and ”Who does What”, so we have dynamic directories
- ”What’s new”, so more than 600 out 1015 PR People actively post Press Releases and Press Invitations that are then archived, indexed and retrieved by powerful Integral Full Text search Engines. Feel free to register to innov24 and try it. It’s free (nothing to pay)”.

3 – How the innov24.com started?

“At the beginning, any one posted any thing. 6 months later, 2/3 of posts are positively relevant. We record between 10 and 50 posts a day. 20-25 in average”

4 – How does it work?

“What’ going to happen”, so we have a daily calendar of press Events. PR People refuses to post them, but as a press agency, we receive them and post them ourselves. We post between 10 and 20 events a day like how to manage their business: they can sell, buy their topic, manage their inquiries within a both collaborative and securized process, create their own discussion group and resell their copyrights”.

5 – Do you think LinkedIn helps journalists to find a job

“May be useful, but it a general purpose social network. Innov24 is dedicated to journalists”

6  – Which advise you would give to someone who is trying to find a job by LinkedIn?

“I would say: work first and than show your work. Innov24 is much more efficient for that purpose”.

7 – Do you have Facebook? How do you use your FaceBook, with which purpose

“It’s not work oriented. Facebook may help creating communities”.

8 – Do you have Twitter? How do you use it, for which purpose?

“ Sometimes I tweet some stories”.

9 – Many things has been changing after the Internet. Do you think Journalists will still have job?

“Yes definitively. Use innov24 to improve the level of your inquiries.

10 – Do you think old media will disappear because of the Internet?

“Yes. Most of day lies have Business or trading magazines will disappear within 10 years. Old media will be replaced by Internet and Web TV”.

11 – What are the options related with job journalist have after the invention of the Internet?

“Publishing is just renewed on the Internet paradigm. The job is still the same: story telling. There will be jobs for Journalists. Don’t be afraid of the future. We may have sporadic economic crises affecting our industry, like any other industries, but there is a definitive need for information. Don’t be worry.”



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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2 Responses to Welcome to France! Things are different – let’s learn more about Social Network.

  1. Great interview with an editor from Paris! I wanted to check out the site so I went to innov24.com…It was in french so…I couldn’t understand it 🙂 but it looked like it could be a helpful site for journalists 🙂 I agree with Eric about old media being replaced by internet and webTV…but I hope there will still be a group of people who will keep the original older style of media going…

    • marianabra7 says:

      Hello Vanessa,
      Thank you so much! At least one of my classmates enjoyed! I’m glad for that! I hesitated to agree with him when he said old media will be replaced by internet and web TV. I think things will change but not necessary disappear. One example is – radio x CD x DVD x LP… or cassete and DVD. We will see.
      Have a great week.

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