Do you think is secure to post personal information / experience on LinkedIn?

To find out it is safe or not to post personal information / experience on LinkedIn, I went to different websites and post my question (,, and also I did post the same question on my LinkedIn – answers).

The first difference between LinkedIn and those websites, is because I’m already enroll on LinkedIn, so I didn’t need to fill it up the website. That is the first difference I would point. The second difference is related with the confidence when I read the response. On the, I got a quickly response, but the information there is kind of vague for me. On the LinkedIn, because I know the person who I was sending the question, I think she was more careful answering.

Elaine Herscher, is on my LinkedIn connections. She is a journalist, writer, editor, and multimedia producer.  We took classes together at Berkeley City College. I asked her if she thinks is safe to post personal information / experience on the LinkedIn and she said “ Yes, I think it’s safe as long as the information is about your experience as a professional. I wouldn’t post anything about your personal life. It would be good to say you’re from Portugal, for example, and speak X number of languages — anything that makes you stand out as a professional.”

On the, a Microsoft MVP, named Ben Schorr (I believe), said, “Depends upon what kind of personal information you’re thinking of posting.”  In addition, from the same website, Marian said I think anything posted anywhere on the ‘net should be considered public information accessible to all. It’s a good source, but be careful what you post there, or anywhere.” Another person, I can’t even know for sure if it is a men or woman, said, ” Its pretty much never safe to post personal info past your name on the web. Google your name and city and see what comes up.”  I didn’t receive any response from wiki.answers website, so I can’t compare my answers.



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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One Response to Do you think is secure to post personal information / experience on LinkedIn?

  1. A.S. Miller says:

    I agree with Elaine – and in general, LinkedIn seems like a pretty safe site, more so than other social networking sites. Perhaps it’s because that it focuses so much on professional relations rather than friends and because it seems quite unknown. But I’d also say that one should never post their phone number or address online, that seems unsafe no matter what the site.

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