Connections made on LinkedIn. (let’s find Journalists)

I have been using LinkedIn for the last 3 weeks, and because of this class, I been contacting different group of people and people. By coincidence, I found a Journalist and later on I found out he is also Brazilian like me. Pedro Redig, is an independent media production and works in London, United Kingdom. He has a very large working experience especially with television and sports.  He is also a journalist and TV producer freelancer and because of that, I thought that LinkedIn would open many doors for him when the topic was find new jobs.

1 – Do you think LinkedIn helps journalists to find a job?

It helps but many times are totally underpaid — like this recent offer of 200 euros a month for four or five articles a day written from home. Not even in Biafra or India !!!
(an editor from newspaper in Finland posted an offer from freelancer asking journalist around the world to be a freelancer writer ).

2  – Which advise you would give to someone who is trying to find a job by LinkedIn?

Try to contact people you know — and a strong dose of good luck

3 – Do you have Facebook? How do you use your FaceBook, with which purpose?

I do have FB but more for socializing really than working.

4 – Do you have Twitter? How do you use it, for which purpose?

No and I hope I will never had it. It is a total for people who considered themselves too important – some kind of online celebrities

5 – Many things has been changing after the Internet. Do you think Journalists will still have job?

Yes, actually the Internet opens up opportunities for journalists as there so many sites to be written, updated and etc

6 – Do you think old media will disappear because of the Internet?

Not at all — as TV did not kill radio or the Net finished with newspapers (although many are struggling)

7 – What are the options related with job journalist have after the invention of the Internet?

As I said in answer 5, the Net is a welcome friend but many people think journalists will work for free as most


About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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