Lets optimize our time! LinkedIn Today – Find out what the world’s professionals are reading and sharing.

We have a lot to do in our day. So many things are going on in the world. One way to keep us on time with news is using LinkedIn Today. I tool where we can keep tracking news. So, LinkedIn Today is a tool on LinkedIn social network where people from our field post articles they are reading, and people can be updated with headlines posted with people from our industry because they will share that information on their post. Also we can see popular articles. Usually people post articles they like and they think it is pertinent. People can also use the search to find articles related with specific topics.

According to the page: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/10548/LinkedIn-Launches-LinkedIn-Today-Tips-Marketers-Need-to-Know.aspx

That is a business-to-business way to focus community in the world.  People shouldn’t publish advertising, because that tool is keep-tracking information, from an article, blog or micro blog. Also, to use this tool, people need to be active on LinkedIn, because when you are active there, you are building relationships for work by posting comments, posting messages, making questions, updating status and answering questions.

Another tips this page gave to us, was we need to share buttons on all content. “Recently, LinkedIn launched a new sharing button that tracks the number of shares much like the buttons from Twitter and Facebook.  (There’s one on this article, give it a quick click!)  Very soon after this new button launched, we added it as an option to the blogs of all 4,000 HubSpot customers – no software to install, it just shows up.  (Note to customers: There is a checkbox in blog options to turn it on or off, very easy – if you have any trouble, just call support at 888-HubSpot).  If you are not using HubSpot for marketing, you’ll have to figure out how to add the new button to your blog, maybe contact a web developer, etc.  Either way, you need to do it!  Having these buttons on your content makes it much more likely your website visitors will share the content with their networks and your company will get more attention on LinkedIn.”

The page: http://kherize5.com/linkedin-launches-linkedin-today/ clarify even more how we can use that tool as a research for information. “LinkedIn Today is a personal news site that caters to your needs by bringing you the top industry news and also the articles that suit your interests. The articles are selected purely by an algorithm and are separated by industry. (…) The articles that appear on your Today page are the top stories of the day and not necessarily like groups, articles that were only shared by members or connections. It is a time management tool of sorts as you can click on your page and see what is happening without having to scroll through Twitter for tweets or check each of the popular sites. LinkedIn does it for you.”



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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