How LinkedIn can help Journalist with their professional lives?

I have been using LinkedIn for 2 weeks. Only 2 weeks and I got surprised with this network power. I’m saying that, because in only 2 weeks I have almost 70 people enjoying my page and many people related with my major, which is journalism and advertisement. My surprise goes even far way from that; my connections are related with my friends and colleagues but also with people, which I don’t know! That is the biggest surprise. I can be connected with people I don’t even know.  I can find someone in Finland who needs me to write an article here, in Berkeley, California.

The page: gave us some steps to consider.  Or maybe I should say some tools any journalist can use to find and research people and information on LinkedIn related with Journalism or professionals of journalism.

1 – LinkedIn Helps – Advanced Search  – where we can find the right contact at the company and that can be a very good tool when you are looking for a job.

2 – LinkedIn Helps – profile – when we can promote our personal website, book, blog, articles – very important way to show our writing style, our experience, our expertise and interests, our articles and with all that on our profile we are like a window for people who try to research us by key words. And throw that they can find our profile.

3 – LinkedIn Helps – connect – helps us to connect with colleagues from our past and present and that connection can be even bigger if your think we can also be connected with 2nd, 3nd connections from our friends and even strange from groups.

4 – LinkedIn Helps – answer – we can post question related with our major and send to our contact and get responses. Also we can build connections and increase our exposure.

5 – LinkedIn Helps – look up – gathering background information ahead of an interview.

Good luck for all! Lets keep learning.



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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