Enjoy a LinkedIn Group – you will get surprise how powerful is this network!

I’m enjoying few different groups on LinkedIn – Jornalismo, multimedia em Portugues; Mass media online; Find a journalist around the world; Jobs in de Media and Social Media For Journalist students.  First, I would like to talk about the group called “Find a journalist – around the world”. In less 24h, I got accept in that group and started to receive information from them. In my first email, I receive a message saying that an editor from Finland was looking for a freelancer journalist around the world. “Hi Everyone! I’m the editor in chief of The Helsinki Times. We sometimes need a journalist somewhere in the world to write a specific story for us. Our journalists can also help you here in Finland.”

That question on that group had 201 responses, from people located everywhere! Australia, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Algerian, London, United States, Czech republic, Netherlands and many other countries. They all posted the same thing. They tell the editor from Finland they were journalist and live some where around the world and offer they work. That time I realize how powerful is to be on LinkedIn and be part of a group. I really think that is amazing! Reading that page, I realize how powerful is the LinkedIn network and I start to think how job opportunities are changing because of that!

On the same group, I was reading different post and I found this: I am looking for English writing journalists in Spain, preferable Barcelona, writing on Business Management topics…who knows or who is this person? I got surprise because below that I saw an answers from some strange: “Hi Anaihid, I live in Barcelona for 4 years and I find this collaboration interesting. 
I hope to soon get in touch with you. 
Many thanks, 
Best Regards, Valentina Lanteri.” Also another person respond her and said, “hi Anahid. I’m a journalist based in Barcelona. I write for several magazines in Spain, UK and Chile. You can contact me at …@gmail.com. Thanks!” That post changed a lot my view! I got surprise because I wouldn’t expect some strange helping some one they know from a virtual network. I thought it was very impressive.



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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One Response to Enjoy a LinkedIn Group – you will get surprise how powerful is this network!

  1. That’s something that I’ve found really impressive about LinkedIn as well: all of the success stories about people actually getting jobs that allow them to travel. For now that’s not an option for me but in the future I really hope that these opportunities will not begin to close up. I’m somebody that’s really iffy about globalization and a small pocket of people going wherever they want, but I also think that everybody should have that right.

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