Professional life!!! Let’s accept challenges.

It’s complicated! How to prove in a virtual space that you are good for some skills? Recommendation letters helps a lot, for sure! But how if you are not good doing something now, but you are able to learn how to do something in a short time and you will become a valuable person with new skills.

I’m Brazilian and I have two degrees.  I’m a journalist and publicist. For very long time I worked with image. I worked for television, so even though I wrote few articles while I was studying communication, my focus was image. Everything related with image, for Television or photography.

Than, I got my degree as a Journalist and my first big job after my degree was at Communication Department at my University.  That University has 8 campuses in different cities in my state and it has more than 55 thousand of students. I thought that would be the best opportunity ever, right! Than, I had to face a big problem: I used to work with images, not as a writer. While I was studying communication, I did produce few articles for local important newspaper in my state, which was obligatory class.

For my interview, I took that stuff and sent it as a sample with my job application.  I guess we need to go back a little bit. Build a network is very important. And before the Internet, network was building face-to-face, and the best way to do that when you are student is to get closer with your teacher and classmates. That was what I did. One of my teachers recommends me to that job. I’m still not sure how important was her recommendation for that job, but the good part was I got it!

I got a job as a writer, and that time, I wasn’t a writer. I did apply for a job, I showed my little portfolio as a writer and they asked me to write a new article in a very short time, like one or two days.  I guess, that time I was lucky, because they asked me to right about politics. It was a presidential election year in my country. When I said I was lucky is because my mother and father have sociology degree and talk about politics and think about it was something on my routine, and it wasn’t to hard for my to write an article about politics in two days. So, my conclusion for my story is, we always can learn how to improve ourselves. We always can do things we think we are not able to do. We just need to accept the challenge.

Of course, there is a little part of having lucky, and being in the right place, in the right time! Good lucky for all of us! Don’t; be afraid to face new challenges. We are all able to learn and do it! Now, new stage of my life, I need to figure out what is going to be my next step!



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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