How do I Start? Now I’m enroll in everything, I guess… Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn.

I created my account on LinkedIn 6 months ago, and didn’t fill my profile up. Now, because I’m enrolling in social network for journalist, my assignment for my 6th week was enroll and fill my profile up. First thing I notice was in less than 24h, I have 50 people connected with me and my LinkedIn said that number represents 499,715 + professionals connected to me! Than I thought: What does it means???

I listened the video ( twice and what I can remember is: filled up your profile 100%, put picture and be careful with all misspelling because that is going to be my professional image in a public space called the Internet. Also Lewis Howes said that LinkedIn is very powerful as a business interaction and I need to have my goals and what I want very clear. He also recommends us to enjoy groups and create our own group.

Than, thinking about what he said… I go to the point that I’m a international student and I can’t without mistakes, since I’m here to learn. Another point is even though I’m a journalist and publicist, I got my degree in Brazil and almost all my experience related with my major I had in Brazil. So, I got stuck in a point because I don’t know If my LinkedIn should be in Portuguese or English. Of course has to be in English, otherwise my classmates and my teacher wouldn’t be able understand. Second point which make me think was if which kind of experiences I should post there. Make me think about what I want for my future.  What should I do? It’s complicate, I can tell you! I have degree from Brazil, experience from Brazil and I’m here (in the United States). I want to work here, I have work permission here, but I can’t get a regular job here. So, what should I post on my LinkedIn profile?

For now, I can say I already learn how fast my connections can be making. That social network for professional lives it is very powerful like Lewis Howes said.

I was reading a book (Contemporary Marketing – Boone & Kurt) this afternoon about Marketing and a page about blogging on your best behavior make me think about my LinkedIn. They said Internet it is a public place and anyone could read what you write at any time. He gave us some advices: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. If you can’t accept responsibility for what you write, it’s best not to write it. Avoid posting minute-by-minute details of your life. Choose specific area or subject you know something about or feel passionate about, and create your blog for a special interested audience. Be honest but respectful. Don’t respond emotionally, inappropriate or irresponsible.  So, I thought even thought those advices were related with blog, I guess we can you to build our LinkedIn too. What do you think?


About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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6 Responses to How do I Start? Now I’m enroll in everything, I guess… Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn.

  1. sharisax says:

    Mariana, lots of good thinking here, and you are very correct that the advice you read about blogging is certainly appropriate to your postings on LinkedIn, whether in compiling your profile, posting updates, or participating in groups.

  2. marianabra7 says:

    Thank you for your response! Have a great week!

  3. Grannelle says:

    @Mariana – You are the first person I’ve known who must post your LI profile in two languages. Perhaps that will bring you twice the opportunity and successes. I certainly hope so. Best of luck!

    • marianabra7 says:

      Hello, i have to confess that i started in Portuguese, than i moved to English… and i have to get done in both language. Maybe it will make my opportunity and successes twice. I hope! My problem is: people who can give me letter recommendation and my work experience are from Brazil (Portuguese) and i’m trying do build things here (English). Good luck for us! How is your experience with LinkedIn going?

      • I’ve been very fortunate with LinkedIn, Mariana. In the past, I’ve attended classes free of charge, I was accepted into an internship, and now I am an assistant administrator on a Social Media group, where I am making valuable contacts, learning much about the industry, and may even be offered a paying job, which would be another great blessing.

        As I’ve said to you before (in an earlier blog post of yours), I think your English is quite good for someone who has been here such a short time. I believe that as you spend more time here, it will get better, and I further believe that your experience and talents in journalism will take you far along your career path, especially now that you have LinkedIn working for you. As you say, Good luck to us!

      • marianabra7 says:

        @ Gregory Stringer, Thank you so much for giving me hope! Sometimes i think is too hard… but i promise i’m doing my best! Good luck to us!

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