The folk band Jorge and Mateus – brazilian folk music

The folk band Jorge and Mateus are hugely successful in Brazil. Born in Itumbiara, Goias, their first demo CD was recorded in the garage of Mateu’s house. Since then, they have catapulted onto the Brazilian pop scene with the latest release of their CD/DVD “O mundo e tao pequeno” on Universal Music records, recorded live in Brazil. The pair came to play in San Francisco, last January and made a big pary for their international audiences. “These are special shows, the energy from the audiences is so infectious abroad” Jorge said, and Mateus adds that they “are eager to share with the public such joy”.

According to Jorge there is no “one secret to success”. “It took a lot of dedication and intense effort o get where we are. When the work is done with love, everything goes right. Success is the result.” Mateus recalls the serendipitous formation of the band “one day a friend invite us to play in his club with our separate groups. Jorge and I decided to do a show together and our partnership worked! From then on we’ve always performed together.”

For Mateus, the music composed for them is not very different from the composition of other artists. “I think country music is mainly about love. From there comes the stories of wilderness, longing, ad the common themes of country music”. Jorge adds that the composition made by them, “is an expression of how we feel. Sometimes it’s the story of a friend, sometimes it’s about a situation we’re in and it’s the essence of love, passion, and longing.”

Mateus says that the CD/DVD “Live in Goiania”, was the realization of a dream. “We fought a lot for this recording and for the amount of effort we put into it, the result was worth it. On that CD, we recorded many of our big hits that we still sing today – hits like “De tanto querer”, “Pode chorar” e “Querendo te amar”. Jorge also says that “Goiania will always be in our hearts and we really count on the audience that welcomed us from the start and will always welcome us.”



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I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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2 Responses to The folk band Jorge and Mateus – brazilian folk music

  1. I checked them out on Youtube and I really like their style. I understood some of what they were saying because I speak Spanish and they’re very related languages. I have heard that people who understand Spanish more or less understand Portuguese but people that understand Portuguese have a harder time understanding Spanish. Is that true? It’s funny, and it’s probably going to sound really ignorant, but I thought that country music was a phenomenon that only existed in the United States… or do you mean in the sense that it’s rural music, or is there no difference? Now I am confused. Help!

    • marianabra7 says:

      Nice you did check out them. It’s not really my type of music, but they came here and i had a chance to interview them. So, even though if i don’t like them it was a big deal for me meet them. They are very famous in Brazil now. About what you said… usually it is easier for portuguese speaker understand spanish speaker, but the inverse isn’t the same. People who speaks spanish, usually have a hard time to understand portuguese. I would say, even people who never take spanish class can understand 95%, because it is very similar language (sometimes words have opposite meaning, so we need to be careful). People who speaks spanish can’t understand Portuguese as much, probably because the accent. They say when we speak it is like “cantante” = singing. Also, about country music, your are right, it is kind of rural music, even though they are from big city and i guess we can say country music for all… it doesn’t have to be American Music to be country music. It is just something more rural.

      Thank you so much for your response. Have a great week!

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