Organizing my thoughts – what do you think?

After read some classmates blogs, and spend days thinks about Social Media, I decided to organize my thought.

1 – Shari Weiss posted that “ “I also think Social Media has also allowed private things to no longer be private. I usually can find out more information about a person from their social media accounts than i can from them in person. ” –a journ65 classmate – WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS TRUE

I’m not sure if I can agree with that, but because I don’t usually go to facebook to spy people. I don’t think I have time for that! Do you? How many hours do you spend on facebook looking for people’s personal information? Than, talking with different people during my week I realize that, maybe that statement is true. Today, I was talking with a girl I don’t even know and she was saying that she realize that her ex-boyfriend has a new girl friend and she knows the girl. She was upset that he has a girl friend before she started a new relationship eventhough they broked up more than a year ago. Also I remember that I learned in one of my classes that in the U.S it is very high the indices of breaking ups because of facebook. So, probably, people can find more information online.  I just realize that I can’t use myself as a reference for that statement because I’m a talkative person and I ask people what I want to know.

2 – I read different blogs talking about the future of journalists  – one of  my classmates thoughts: if journalists want to make a living, they will have to invest in looking and using these social media tools. Only grandpa in my family reads the paper, even grandma goes on the Internet to get the news on Google. It’s just easier! They can’t read English and changing the languages on the computer is faster than driving to a different city that actually sells papers in the language they read in.

In my opinion, communication is changing, many things will change but I’m not sure if we can say that about newspapers.  Internet is the most important invention for our time, but once, paper was an important invention. I’m enrolling in another class online, called Introduction to Marketing. I have to do to an exam, and I could answer all on my computer and just send it to my teacher, right. But today, I went home and print my exam before I start to answer it. I will have a better view about what do I have to do, and also I can carry it with me and answer on my free time.  I’m using my exam as an example to explain that paper is sometimes important. Another example will be buying books. People say with Kindle, books will disappear. Do you really think no one will buy books anymore? Do you really think no one will read “regular” newspaper? I only can say that things are changing, not necessary will disappear.

Read also my article about new media x old media.

3 – The last thing which make me think a lot of this week was the article – I Can’t Think! (

“Today, with Twitter and Facebook and countless apps fed into our smart phones, the flow of facts and opinion never stops. That can be a good thing, as when information empowers workers and consumers, not to mention whistle-blowers and revolutionaries. You can find out a used car’s accident history, a doctor’s malpractice record, a restaurant’s health-inspection results. Yet research like Dimoka’s is showing that a surfeit of information is changing the way we think, not always for the better.”

Information is changing the way we think, not always for the better.

That statement makes me think a lot! And I do believe that, information is changing the way we think.  We have so much going on and so much to absorb and so short time. I guess the consequence is information is changing the way we think. We read so many things everyday, we have so many things to do, and our day has only 24h. Only 24h for everything! I used to say I need a day with 36h.  Imagine a long time ago, when people didn’t even had electricity. They used to wake up early, sleep early and letter used to take forever to get their destination. To get a response… another long time! Not only information is changing, but also the world is changing.




About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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4 Responses to Organizing my thoughts – what do you think?

  1. A.S. Miller says:

    I wish there was so much more time in the day. Because of school work, I can’t sleep anymore! I have to get by on five hours only! 36h would be good, I agree. 🙂

    I agree with Shari that private things are no longer private. Even if a person goes to another person’s profile with good intents, you can look at their info page and learn about their favorite music, movies, school, religion, political beliefs, family, relationships, hobbies…even if you don’t ever look at their wall, that’s a lot of information! But more relevant, on FaceBook it’s really easy to read other people’s wall conversations. Apparently the sharing settings have been changed again, but there was a point in FaceBook history when you could just go to the main page and see EVERYTHING a friend had posted, not only their own status but stuff they put on other people’s walls and responses on other walls. And then there’s the whole business with photos being shared, public/private…

    Finally, about books: sadly, I think someday books will be obsolete. While I love the feel of paper and the weight/texture of carrying the physical object there will be a point when Kindles and other readers can display every single language on a single unit, environment worries may lead us to stop being so wasteful, and when the pure convenience of being able to have an entire library in a single device overrules any nostalgia factor. Maybe it will not happen in our lives (though with modern medicine, we may well be living two hundred years, right right?), I believe it will happen. Unless the world ends 2011.

  2. Champa says:

    I totally agree with a lot of what you’re saying Mariana! On a side note, I too log onto facebook to do some “stalking” on occasion. But I think that too is a form of communication. Yes, communication is changing at a rapid pace. No longer is it okay to just have a cell phone, you need to have a smart phone which gives you access to the internet and allows you to log onto your choice of social media. It is also easier to let people know where and when you’ll be somewhere too. Communication will never be the same again but what I wonder is how much information is too much information. How much are we willing to let people know about ourselves before it becomes invasive or even dangerous?

    • marianabra7 says:

      Thank you so much for your response. Have you ever try to turn of your phone for few days? Sometimes i do that, and it is kind of a break for my mind. Of course when i turn on again… i will receive so many messages, people even think i’m sink or i’m at a hospital, lol lol… but it is a good exercise for us to be not dependent. Sometimes, weekend days, i leave my phone in silence mode for many hours… How much informations is too much. I guess i would use my example about phone. When we are too addict, too dependent, and can’t absorb information… that is too much. What do you think?

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