When dreams can be true

My name is Mariana. I’m a Brazilian Journalist and used to work with communication for so long… something like twelve years. I was working at communication department for my University (Pontific Catholic University) in Brazil, in Pocos de Caldas, for three years. Then I got surprise with big news. They laid me off! They laid me off on the same day I would complete three years at that job. It was my anniversary! Instead of someone saying congratulations, instead of hearing someone saying: “You have been working here for three years! Congratulations!” I got as a response:“You are laid off!.”.

When you lose your job, you feel lost because you don’t know how things are going to be. Everything is new again. When you lose your job you don’t have a floor to step on. I didn’t know if I would stay at the same city and look for a new job or if I would move back to my home town. That day, for long time, I was chocked. For four hours, I couldn’t think about anything. I was crying because I lost my job and didn’t know what to do. Because of that job, I moved to that city and that was the unique reason I was living seven hours from my family and friends. I couldn’t think about what to do. I was far from my home town, family and friends. Those hours, even though it was only four hours, were a very disturbing time, and after that, things started to get clear. I was thinking again! I realized that I would have the entire world, I could go anywhere, and all possibilities were in front of me! I realized that I could start something new. I thought I could start everything again, with a new beginning.

All movement starts with action! If you need to change something in your life, you need to take some action! I decided to move back to my home town. In that place I could be with my family and friends and also didn’t need to pay rent. I could look for a new job there and start to plan my new life. All I could think about was my new life! What could I do? I knew I needed to find my floor, to find a safe place to step on. The best place would be close to my family and friends. I called a moving company and asked them to check all the stuff I had at my apartment. I used to live in that city for three years, in a two bedrooms apartment by myself, so I had a lot of stuff like furniture, books, clothes, computer, bed, sofa, tables, chairs, plates, a fridge and the laundry machine. I packed everything and sent it to my town, Belo Horizonte, capital of my state, to my mother’s house. I called that company and made an appointment with them, and in less than 24 hours everything I had in my apartment was inside a truck. In less than 24 hours, I returned my keys to the apartment owner and I emailed my family and told them they would get all my stuff in 2 days. The unique thing I could think after “the tornado”, by which I mean lose my job, was, “now I can start everything again!”.

When someone has a dream, that person has to believe that dream can be true. My dream started to become true on the same day that I lost my job. All my imagination was vivid. I started to think about all the possibilities I could have in front of me. When you are thinking too much, like I was, you can’t sleep well because you can’t stop thinking about all the alternatives. My dreams were like a visual world map. Even when I wasn’t sleeping, I was thinking about all the possibilities the world could give to me! I was thinking all the time about where the next place would be. Because I was laid off, the place I used to work had to pay me a lot, so with that money I would realize my dream! With that money I would realize a dream I had when I was twelve-years-old. For me, in that moment, I thought I could go anywhere. I could go to Spain, Canada, and Australia. I have to confess I never thought I would be in The United States. I just knew I wanted to go somewhere, and learn a second language, but I wasn’t sure if it was English or Spanish. I knew on that day I would go somewhere! That’s was the best beginning!

All my friends in that city, from my job were shocked by the news I would go back to my home town. They couldn’t understand why I was so happy! Some of them thought that I was joking when I said I was moving to my home city. Some of them probably didn’t believe until now the fact I moved. I was so happy because I could start everything again. I would have extra money because I got laid-off and I could even live in another country. The truth is: dreams can be true. You need to believe and go for it! Sometimes, when people are in a bad situation, they think they don’t have any other option. I believe that, we always have an option! To lose a job isn’t something easy. It was disturbing and all my emotions were confused. At first I didn’t know what to do, but when I stopped to think clearly, and started to think about all the possibilities I would have around me, it made me feel that we can always find a solution. We always have a chance to start everything again. We can’t be afraid to start something new, because the new can be surprisingly good!



About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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