How social media is changing the world

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linkedln, etc. What those social networks have in common? In my opinion, they are a virtual way to be connected with people after the invention of the Internet. No matter the reason: to spy a friend or colleague, to find old friends, to be more social, to gain time communicating, to waist time, to be informed.

First of all, in my opinion, social media is changing the world specially when we think about how people are connecting each other. Like everything in life, it has a good and bad side.

The good side of social media, in my opinion, is because communication and the access to communicate are more accessible. More people have access to the information. Second point will be that freedom of speech. Anyone from everywhere can post any type of information online. Another point is how the news can get to any target faster than ever. One good example was the situation in Egypt recently.

I’m saying here, that the fact of everyone can post on the Internet is a good side of social media because we have much more information available, but also can be a bad side of social media, since we can’t trust about everything we read online. Well, we shouldn’t trust about everything we read anyway.

Another bad side of social media, is the fact of people are building more superficial relationships, since people spend more time connecting each other online instead of meeting people in a real life.   In addiction I would also say that another bad side is the overcoming information anxiety, when people are bombarded by more data than they can absorb. Also, the facts of we have more information, make us to have more choices and that can simply produce more anxiety.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that social media is still changing and so many things will change because of that. New jobs will be created, some job will disappear, new tools will be created and people need to learn how to use them and be prepared.


About marianabra7

I'm a brazilian publicist and journalist. I came to U.S. to study English and i have been living here for almost 8 years.
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4 Responses to How social media is changing the world

  1. Grannelle says:

    I took note of your mention of spying and stalking through Social Media with interest, Mariana. A fellow on Twitter, an SEO expert, goes by his company’s name, SEO Jesus (and I must admit feeling uncomfortable saying it, let alone writing it). He said in his article written just before the new year that this would be a primary concern in Social Media.

    • marianabra7 says:

      Hello “Grannelle” or Gregory,
      Thank you so much for your response.

      I hope my article doesn’t have too many mistakes… like you can read on my article Who am i, i’m brazilian journalist and I’m still learning English. Even thought, i believe to learn any language takes forever. We always will learn something new. I’m comfortable with my mistakes. I consider myself a child learning a language , since i’m here for only 5 years. Also, I even would say i’m proud of myself because i don’t think is too bad!
      How do you know Obrigado?!

  2. Given your short time here in the U.S., I think your English is great. I understand you perfectly.

    As for saying “thank you” in your native language, I looked it up on Google. I’m sneaky (deceitful) in that way, plus I thought it might make you feel welcomed here.

    Keep up the terrific work, and best wishes for your future successes.

    • marianabra7 says:

      Thank you so much!
      What i can tell you is… i’m been working hard since i got here to learn English and everything else.
      Taking different classes and trying to improve myself.
      Have a great week!

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